WXBR-FM 101.1 
Cocoa Beach

Original Call Letters: WXBR

Originally Licensed: Jul 19, 1962

Original City of  License: Cocoa Beach

Original Frequency: 101.1 

Origin of Call Letters: 

Original Power: 100,000 watts

Original Location: 

Original Format: Light Classical

Network Affiliation(s):


1962-Stereo Broadcasting, Corp.
1968-Radio Filchburg, Inc.
1971-Southland Broadcasting
1980-Central Florida Broadcasting
1982-Abell Communications  ($5 Million) 
1985-S&F Communications
1985-Home News Publishing Co  ($4.7 million)
1985-Capitol Broadcasting Co. Inc
1986-Duffy Broadcasting  ($7.7 million)
1993-Paxson Communications ($6.7 million)
1997-Clear Channel
2007-Aloha Station Trust, LLC, as Trustee
2008-Clear Channel Licenses, Inc.

History Of Call Letters and Formats:

WXBR-1963-Light Classical
WCKS-1968-Top 40  "CK-101"
WCKS-1970-Beautiful Music
WCKS-1976-Top 40
WSTF-1985-Adult  Contemporary  "Sunny 101"  "Star 101"
WVRI-1992-Adult Contemporary "Variety 101"
WJRR-2002-Alternative   "Real Rock 101"
WXBR History
Stereo WXBR-FM 101.1 was put on the air on July 19, 1962 by Nick Farinella of  Cocoa Beach.

Names In WXBR History

Nicholas P. "Nick" Farinella Sr.
-1963-1966-President/General Manager-Stereo Broadcasting Corp.  In Memory
W. H. Davis-1963-Commercial Manager-Stereo Broadcasting Corp.
Rand Schoolfield-1963-Program Director/1966-Program Director/Promotions Manager-Stereo Broadcasting Corp.
F. R. Rantz-1963-1964-Promotion Manager-Stereo Broadcasting Corp.
Richard Batchelor-1963-News Director-Stereo Broadcasting Corp.
Edward Murdoch-1963-1966-Chief Engineer-Stereo Broadcasting Corp.
Donald Becker-1964-Promotion Manager-Stereo Broadcasting Corp.
Mrs. Richard Lang-1966-President/General Manager-Stereo Broadcasting Corp.
Ronald Shrader-1966-Chief Engineer-Stereo Broadcasting Corp.

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