WYKE-FM 104.3

Original Call Letters: WABU

Originally Licensed: May 28, 1993

Original City of License: Inglis

Original Frequency: 104.3

Origin of Call Letters: 

Original Power: 6,000 Watts

Original Location: 

Original Format: Easy Listening/Beautiful Music

Network Affiliation(s):

Fox News Radio
Liberty Works Radio Network
Premiere Radio Network
Citadel Media
Fox Sports Radio
Yahoo Sports Radio


1996-West Coast Radio, Inc.
1997-WAVQ-FM, Inc.
1998-Seven Rivers Broadcast Ministry, Inc. ($1.2 Million)
2003-Nature Coast Broadcasting, Inc. ($525,000)
2010-Sherwood and Associates, Inc. (Receiver) 
2010-Nature Coast Broadcasting, Inc. (Debtor In Possession)
2011-Citrus County Association For Retarded Citizens  

History Of Call Letters and Formats:

-1993-Easy Listening/Beautiful Music
WAVQ-1993-Easy Listening/Beautiful Music “The Wave” “Relax 104.3”
WAVQ-1997-Music of Your Life   “The Gull”
WHGN-1998-Christian Teaching and Talk “We Have Good News”
WIFL-2000- Religious/Christian Teaching and Talk
WIFL-2003-Variety (Jack) “WOW 104.3”
WIFL-2005-Contemporary Hits  “WOW 104.3”
WIFL-2006-Adult Contemporary/Talk  “Xtreme Radio”  
WIFL-2008-Adult Standards "Frank 104, Sinatra and More"
WIFL-2009-Adult Standards/Talk "Frank 104, Sinatra and More"
WIFL-2009-Talk  "Frank Talk"
WOGF-2010-Talk  "News Talk and Sports"
WYKE-2011-Sports  "Fox Sports Radio 104.3"
WYKE-2013-Sports   "Key Sports 104.3"  "CBS Sports Radio"

New Year, New Call Letters    12-31-10
As of December 28th, WOGF-FM 104.3 has changed its call letters to WYKE-FM. Additionally on December 29Th Nature Coast Broadcasting, Inc. filed for "Transfer of License" under the Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Re-Organization Act, aka Debtor in Possession. 

Names in WYKE History

Sabitino Cupelli-2010-President-Nature Coast Broadcasting, Inc.

Don Imus-2010-Syndicated-Nature Coast Broadcasting, Inc.

Glenn Beck-2010-Syndicated-Nature Coast Broadcasting, Inc.

Mark Levin-2010-Syndicated-Nature Coast Broadcasting, Inc.

Mancow-2010-Syndicated-Nature Coast Broadcasting, Inc.

Laura Ingraham-2010-Syndicated-Nature Coast Broadcasting, Inc.

Mike Taylor-Mornings-2013-2015-Citrus County Association For Retarded Citizens 

Steve Czaban-2013-Citrus County Association For Retarded Citizens 

Marty Tirrell-2013-Citrus County Association For Retarded Citizens 

Travis Rodgers-2013-Citrus County Association For Retarded Citizens 


John Harris-2013-Citrus County Association For Retarded Citizens 

Geoff Ketchum-2013-Citrus County Association For Retarded Citizens 

Dan Wetzel-2013-Citrus County Association For Retarded Citizens 


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