WORJ-FM 107.7 
Mount Dora

Original Call Letters: WFAC (Construction Permit)

Originally Licensed: 1965 

Original City of License: Mount Dora  

Original Frequency: 107.7

Origin of Call Letters: 

Original Power: 100,000 watts

Original Location: 

Original Format: MOR

Network Affiliation(s):

Mutual Broadcasting System

  Associated Press
United Press International


1965-Frasure Hull, Inc.
1969-Orlando Radio and TV Broadcasting Corp
1978-Sudbrink Broadcasting
1981-Metroplex Communications of Orlando Inc.
1993-Paxson Communications ($5.6 million with WWZN-AM 1440)
1997-Clear Channel Communications

History Of Call Letters and Formats:

WFAC-1965-Construction Permit
WHIY-1966-MOR/Country Western
  WORJ-1969-Progressive Rock 
WORJ-1978-AOR  "Zeta 7"
WJYO-1981-Soft Adult Contemporary "Joy 108",  "Joy of Orlando"
WMGF-1990-Soft Adult Contemporary  "Magic 107.7"


WORJ license plate courtesy of Dave Edwards

WORJ-FM History
From Greg Galloway;
WORJ-FM 107.7 had it’s hard rock start in 1968.
WORJ AM 1270 and WORJ-FM 107.7 would broadcast as a simulcast between the hours of 6AM and 6PM when the AM station would go off the air and the FM would start broadcasting hard rock music until 1 AM. We called it “UNDERGROUND ROCK.” This was just before the Woodstock event. WORJ-FM 107.7 went full time in 1969. I started working full time at the FM station after the AM station went on it’s own as well with “Middle Of the Road “ music. I distinctly remember playing HARD ROCK, like Black Sabbath, and other bands that WLOF-AM 950 deemed too hard and stuck to their bubble gum rock until we "kicked their butts".

courtesy of June Myers

At 10 PM on Friday, February 19,1981 "Zeta 7" changed from it's rock roots to easy listening. The disc jockeys cried, and loyal listeners turned their Zeta 7 license plates upside down in protest. That was the day WORJ became WJYO for the "Joy of Orlando". WORJ would move from rock to the sounds of Barbara Streisand, Neil Diamond, etc.
On his last morning show Thom Robinson asked listeners to memorialize "Zeta7" by turning their license plates upside down on their cars. Program director, David Sousa, rec
alls "Zeta 7"'s last hours. "It was probably the most terrible day of my life. That was my radio station ...my flesh and blood. It was my child and it had to be shot. We had one bad rating book and management pulled the plug on "Zeta 7". 

David Sousa named the station Zeta 7 after the constellation Zeta Reticuli.

WORJ Personalities

Greg Galloway-1968-1970-Frasure Hull, Inc./Orlando Radio and TV Broadcasting Corp  Biography

Greg Galloway sends along this "Underground" bumper sticker circa 1970 WORJ__FM_Sticker_002.JPG (43616 bytes) click photo for full sized view

Bob Lyons-1969-News Director-Orlando Radio and TV Broadcasting Corp

Wayne Trout
-1969-On air personality/News Director-Orlando Radio and TV Broadcasting Corp  Biography   

 In Memory

Pete Forman-1969-Program Director-Orlando Radio and TV Broadcasting Corp

Steve Flesher-1971-Program Director-Orlando Radio and TV Broadcasting Corp

Doug Van Allen (Doug Laby)-1972-1977-Operations Manager/Production Director/3PM-7PM-Orlando Radio and TV Broadcasting Corp  

Lee Arnold-1972-1975-Program Director/7PM-Midnight-Orlando Radio and TV Broadcasting Corp     

Chalender "Chal" Martina-1972
-1973-Orlando Radio and TV Broadcasting Corp 
Michael Z (Ziegenbein)-1972-1973/1974-1977-In 1973 Michael headed to Lincoln, NE to hold an air-chair and staff engineer position at KFMQ.  In 1974, Michael returned to WORJ/WORL and worked as the Chief Engineer for a couple years, and presided over design and construction of their new *at the time* studios on mercy drive-Orlando Radio and TV Broadcasting Corp

David Lipstein-1972-Orlando Radio and TV Broadcasting Corp 

Steve Mack-1972-10AM-3PM-Orlando Radio and TV Broadcasting Corp 

Neal Mirsky-1973-News Director/6AM-10AM-Orlando Radio and TV Broadcasting Corp

Paul Yeskel-1973-Copywriter-Promotions Director-DJ-Chief booker for The Southern Progressive Radio Network at WORJ-Orlando Radio and TV Broadcasting Corp. Paul would go on to become president of AIM Strategies, a New Jersey-based service that works with music companies to help promote and market records. In Memory

Doug Clifford-1973-1975-Afternoon News Anchor/Assistant News Director-Orlando Radio and TV Broadcasting Corp. 

Rick Namey-1975-1976-Station Manager-Orlando Radio and TV Broadcasting Corp  
In Memory
photo courtesy of worj.com
William W. McGathy-1976-Program Director/Music Director-Orlando Radio and TV Broadcasting Corp
Steve McMahan-1976-News Director-Orlando Radio and TV Broadcasting Corp

Brock Whaley (B. Rock)-1978-Sudbrink Broadcasting

David Sousa-1978-1980-Program Director/Afternoon Drive-Sudbrink Broadcasting
Bill Mims-1978-1980-Evenings/Music Director-Sudbrink Broadcasting. Bill left with the format change to Joy 108.  He went to the sister station in Honolulu.

David Schulz-1978-1980-Midnight-6AM then 10PM-2AM-host of Feature Artist or Feature Album at Midnight as well as "A Space in Time" on Tuesday evenings-Sudbrink Broadcasting

William McGathy-1979-Music Director-Sudbrink Broadcasting
Larry Besler-1979-1980-2AM-6AM-Sudbrink Broadcasting
Chris Wolf-1980-Production Manager-Sudbrink Broadcasting 

Thom Robinson

Frank Reed  Biography

Pat O'Day (Jerry Thompson)

Mike Lyons-1971-1972/1972-Music Director/Mid-days In Memory
Mike would leave WORJ for a short stint at WLOF-AM 950 in 1972

Chal Martina

Randy Molnar-2AM-7AM

Bill McGathy

Tom Webb

Marian Van Atta

Hanna Skrobko

Lee Hallock

Dave Murray

Connie Denson

Bob Church In Memory

Jack Curran-General Manager/Sales Manager

Shirley Christmas

Toy Patterson

Vince Ziggenbein

Paul Weiss

Gay Bean Arnold

John Cyr

Al Carroll

Jackie Sanderson

Jimmy Silverman

Bobby Dennis

Diane Silky

Sheila McConnell

Peter David Kaufman

Scott Harris Biography   In Memory

Jim Kerr

Johnny Sutton


Bill Herrington


Carol Winkler

Charles Odom

Gary Brown

Andy Warden

Lee Morris

Mike Cooper


Wayne Osley

Rob Word

Liesel Glaser

Pam Lap

Jerri Hanna

Rudy Markowitz

John Averill

Shirley Jensen

Craig Michaels

Dennis Winslow  Biography

Larry Cox

Dave Matthews

Zaida Zoller

John Averill

Paul Gerardi
Andy Preston

Elliot Cobbs Mitchell

                   Zeta 7 bumper sticker courtesy of Kevin Coldiron

Zeta 7 window sticker courtesy of Kevin Coldiron

Other Names In WORJ History

Walter Beinecke, Jr.-1969-President-Orlando Radio and TV Broadcasting Corp

Vernon Arnette-1969-General Manager-Orlando Radio and TV Broadcasting Corp

Tom Doyle-1969-Operations Manager-Orlando Radio and TV Broadcasting Corp

Brantley Slaughter-1969-Chief Engineer-Orlando Radio and TV Broadcasting Corp   In Memory

S.W. "Happy" Ison-1966-Commercial Manager/1967-Vice President of Sales-Orlando Radio & Television Broadcasting Corp. 
In Memory
Emil Corona-1972-President/1979-President/General Manager-Orlando Radio and TV Broadcasting Corp
Jim Moore-1972-Chief Engineer-Orlando Radio and TV Broadcasting Corp
John Curran-1973-Vice President/General Manager/Sales Manager-Orlando Radio and TV Broadcasting Corp
Don Welsh-1973-Sales Manager-Orlando Radio and TV Broadcasting Corp
Vincent Ziegenbein-1973-Chief Engineer-Orlando Radio and TV Broadcasting Corp

Woody Sudbrink-1978-1981-President-Sudbrink Broadcasting

Al Baker-1979-Commercial Manager-Orlando Radio and TV Broadcasting Corp
Don Hildesheim-1979-Chief Engineer-Orlando Radio and TV Broadcasting Corp
Vince Ziegenbein-Chief Engineer 
Lise Ruby-Sales

 photos courtesy of Thom Robinson   click photo for full sized view
    ZetaAirStaffinStudio.JPG (101469 bytes)          DavidSousa&ThomRobinson.JPG (105874 bytes)
                         The WORJ staff                       David Sousa (L) unidentified girl and Thom Robinson


Photos courtesy of Lee Arnold

Kathi.jpg (41509 bytes)
Kathy McDonald with the 
WORJ crew

Lee Arnold Megan McDonough.JPG (33139 bytes)

Arnold and Megan McDonough


lee mike doug gold 001-001.jpg (64299 bytes)
Lee Arnold, Mike Lyons & 
Doug Van Allen


"...We were also on the air with tributes and open phone lines the day John Lennon was shot. We organized a candlelight vigil at the Lake Eola Bandshell and broadcast a 2-hour live special that evening in his honor. All the deejays gathered in the control room that night, each one contributing a bit to the show..."

  ThomRobinsonScript4LennonRembranceShow_Page_1.jpg (140869 bytes)  ThomRobinsonScript4LennonRembranceShow_Page_2.jpg (164417 bytes)

Here's "...a memo that was actually posted on the studio wall from Harvey Tate, the Zeta7 G.M. at the time who praised the staff for how we handled the Lennon tragedy..." courtesy of Thom Robinson
GMsLetterToStaffOnLennonVigilatLakeEola.jpg (154019 bytes)

Here's "...an article about ZetaFest '80 we staged and produced near Lakeland that summer."
ZetaFestArticleInRocksOff!zine_Page_1.jpg (141215 bytes)  ZetaFestArticleInRocksOff!zine_Page_2.jpg (168384 bytes)  ZetaFestArticleInRocksOff!zine_Page_3.jpg (204212 bytes)
courtesy of Thom Robinson

St. Petersburg Times article 2-23-1981                              ZETA7 Club Card
                                                                                          courtesy of Kevin Coldiron         

WORJ_Historical_Poster.jpg (74375 bytes)       WORJ roundtable.jpg (267204 bytes) Long Way To The Top Poster 2.jpg (93167 bytes)
Click Photo For Full Sized View

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