WMMB-AM 1240                                   

Original Call Letters: WMMB

Originally Licensed: 1946

Original City of License: Melbourne

Original Frequency: 1050

Origin of Call Letters: 

Original Power: 250 watts

Original Location: Front Street

Original Format: Full Service

Network Affiliation(s):

United Press International


1948-Melbourne Broadcasting Co.
1958-Indian River Radio, Inc.
1965-Broadcast Enterprises, Inc.
1996-Capstar Broadcasting Florida, Inc. 
1997-Commodore Media of Florida, Inc.
2000-Clear Channel

History Of  Call Letters and Formats:

WMMB-1948-Full Service

WMMB-1951-Moved to 1240


WMMB History
WMMB signed on the air on May 8, 1948. The original frequency was on 1050-AM. WMMB would be Brevard County's first radio station. The station signed on at sunrise and signed off at sunset. Then on June 21, 1951 the FCC authorized WMMB to move to 1240 AM  and they began broadcasting 24 hours a day. The main studios moved from Front Street to the Florida Market Place in 1998. In 1978, Miller Broadcasting purchased WMMB. Miller Broadcasting was owned by Chicago radio personality Howard Miller. Miller also owned WRRR-AM 1150, Rockford, IL, WFXW-AM 1480, Geneva, IL, WYRL-FM 102.3, Melbourne and WGGG-AM 1230, Gainesville.

Howard Miller would sell WMMB and WYRL in 1986 and retire

WMMB Personalities

Ernie Legge
 In Memory

Barbara Bancroft-1951-Program Director/Women's Director/Co-hostess of "Town Topics"-Melbourne Broadcasting Corp.

Phyliss Hoskins-1951-Co hostess (Mother of Marsha Littlejohn) of "Town Topics" -Melbourne Broadcasting Corp.

Glen Weber-1951-Sports Director
Bob Howard-1955-Sports Director/Commercial Manager-Melbourne Broadcasting Corp.
Elyse King-1955-Program Director-Melbourne Broadcasting Corp.
Robert Jobes-1955-News Director-Melbourne Broadcasting Corp.
Duane Sommers-1955-Farm Director-Melbourne Broadcasting Corp.
Lucille Kahn-1955-Women's Director-Melbourne Broadcasting Corp.
Karl Meier-1956-Program Director-Melbourne Broadcasting Corp.
Gene Bucckman-1956-News Director-Melbourne Broadcasting Corp.
Duane Somers-1956-Farm Director-Melbourne Broadcasting Corp.
Tom Missey-1956-Sports Director-Melbourne Broadcasting Corp.
Frank Doyle-1958-News Director-Melbourne Broadcasting Corp.
Thom Billington-1958-Program Director-Melbourne Broadcasting Corp.
Ed Von Nordeck-1960-News Director-Indian River Radio, Inc.
Marcia Hoskins Littlejohn-1961(daughter of Phyliss Hoskins) "...I started out with a 5 minute show called "Baby Talk"... listing the births of the babies born at the Melbourne Hospital...Indian River Radio, Inc. 
Norm Keller-1963-1974- General Manager until his death in February, 1974-Indian River Radio, Inc./Broadcast Enterprises, Inc.

Don Gould-1973-1979Biography

Lee Garen  Biography

 August Sindone

Andrea Shea King-6PM-7PM  
Don Gould WMMB 1975.jpg (235142 bytes)

Don Gould 
Matt Carter
Larry Bessler-In Memory From Lee Garen; "...he (Larry) worked from his pre-teen years until after graduation from H.S. (at WMMB) It was owned, at one time, by his father who used the name Vern King on the air.  I believe Sr. became ill and the station was sold (either just before or shortly) after Sr.'s death..." 
Vern King
George Tomlinson-newscaster  From Don Gould; "... George reportedly was an eyewitness to Jack Ruby shooting 
(Lee Harvey) Oswald at the Dallas police station in 1963.  Although he could sound a bit pompous on the air, I really loved that guy.  He was Ted Baxter with a heart...".
Scott Duncan-2006-2007-Mornings

Bill Mick

Steve Luba-News
Bob Justice
George Wenstrom

Norman Ledger

Mark Pence
Dave Wilson

   WMMB won the 1996 Marconi Award for Best Nostalgia Station                                           






Alison Whitney
Vanessa Allen
Ann Knoop
Randy England-Overnights
Dale Bryan
Rob Nichols
Neal Stein
Alan Gast
Larry Brewer-1989-1993
David Waterman-1989-1993-Partnered with Larry Brewer for the morning show
Ron Mahr-known as "Rockin Ron Mahr", he was Melbourne's Wolfman Jack .In Memory
Gene Bueckman-Mornings for 15 years
Dave Kershaw
Larry T. Brewer-6AM-10AM/Program Director
Chuck Deel-Afternoons
Jim Morgan-3PM-5PM

Steve Padgett

Jon Roberts (Apfeld)-1970-6PM-Midnight/1971-1974-10AM-3PM/Program Director/Chief Engineer

Johnny Armstrong
Jack Holmes-News
Jim Hunt
Rob Selkow


Other Names in WMMB History

Bill Gray-1948-Chief Engineer-Melbourne Broadcasting Corp.

Mikiel Brower-1948-Program Director-Melbourne Broadcasting Corp.

Kenneth Waltz-1951-Chief Engineer-Melbourne Broadcasting Corp.

Glen Weber-1951-Sports Director-Melbourne Broadcasting Corp.

Joseph Peters-1951-Commercial Manager-Melbourne Broadcasting Corp.

Henry Dravneek-1952-President-Melbourne Broadcasting Corp.

Austin Van "Chick" Catterton-1952-General Manager-Melbourne Broadcasting Corp. 

Victoria Martin-1952-Advertising Director/Program Director-Melbourne Broadcasting Corp.

Beverly Flemming-1952-Commercial Manager-Melbourne Broadcasting Corp.

Alan Mills-1953-Chief Engineer-Melbourne Broadcasting Corp.
Frederick Kurry-1954-President-Melbourne Broadcasting Corp.
Hugh Tyler-1954-Chief Engineer-Melbourne Broadcasting Corp.
Louis Bessler-1955-President/Promotions Manager-Melbourne Broadcasting Corp.
Vern Bessler-1955-General Manager/1956-Vice President/General Manager-Melbourne Broadcasting Corp.
Fred Schopflin-1955-Chief Engineer-Melbourne Broadcasting Corp.
Richard Bate-1956-Sales Manager/1957-Station Manager/Commercial Manager-Melbourne Broadcasting Corp.
Robert Bones-1956-Chief Engineer-Melbourne Broadcasting Corp.
Erna Bessler-1957-President-Melbourne Broadcasting Corp.
Howard Green-1958-President-Indian River Radio, Inc.
Harlan Murrelle-1958-Vice President/General Manager-Melbourne Broadcasting Corp.
Richard Williams-1958-Station Manager/Commercial Manager-Melbourne Broadcasting Corp.
Edward Murdoch-1958-Chief Engineer-Melbourne Broadcasting Corp.

Janice Amoroso-Sales

Vicki Sherlock-Office Manager

Greg Phillips-Promotions

Linda Taylor-Sales

Jay Waggoner-1987-mid 1990's-Engineer-Broadcast Enterprises, Inc.

Tom Haymond-General Manager-1997-2000

Rosalind Postell-News Director 1993-1999

Hugh Tyler-Chief Engineer 

Joy Jorgenson-traffic manager

Donna Kimball-bookkeeper

Fay Stevenson-1979-1980-and-1983 to 1986-General Manager

Dave Franco-1987-1997-Owner & General Manager 

Samantha Whaley-Promotions Manager

Doug Remington-Chief Engineer

Jim Faires-Director of Sales

Joan Palmer-Business Manager

Kay Little-Sales

Gordon Sherman-1965-President-Broadcast Enterprises

Howard Knox-1965-Commercial Manager-Broadcast Enterprises

Jack Newsome-Station Manager

Lenny Clements

Barbara Latham-General Manager
Katrina Perez-2010-Market Manager-Clear Channel Communications Inc.


Station Manager Chick Catterton welcomes new owner Henry Dravneek. Chick eventually left WMMB, helped begin WMEG-AM 920 and the Melbourne Municipal Band. Chick was also Melbourne's Mayor at the age of 41. 

Howard Miller
Known as "Uncle Moo Moo" in Chicago radio, he was the #1 Morning Personality from 1947-1968 in Chicago, on WIND. In the 1950's, Howard was also on the CBS following Arthur Godfrey's program. Howard was sponsored by Wrigley's Gum and he would interview the "stars" of the day. When he left WIND, over an on-air controversy, he was pulling in 58% of the morning audience. Howard was a conservative (Republican) talk show host, the controversy involved Howard's defense of the Chicago Police Department during the politically charged summer of 1968. Howard died on Election Day, 1994.






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