Johnny Gee (Jim Ivey)   Biography

In a wonderful email, Mr. Jim Ivey tells us about some of his radio career. "It still amazes me after all these years how much WLOF(-AM 950) meant to people that are now into their 50’s. I still am humbled when someone finds out that I was one of "the happy hit-paraders".  Man we had a great time in the mid 60’s at WLOF.  Some random thoughts; Bob Andrews and I were room mates in Ft. Myers around ’61.  We both worked at WMYR.  While there, I found out Bob and I both dated the same "groupie", just at different times!  I was at WMYR until sometime in ’63, I think.  Prior to that I had been at WHOO(-FM 96.5), starting out on the FM side while a senior at Edgewater High School (Orlando),  then moved to week-ends on the AM side and later replaced Terry Wood from 6 to midnight while still in high school.  I Pulled a  #1 Hooper (Ratings Service) on the gig before school was over. Very heady stuff for a 19 year old…and wow, groupies!  John Rutledge fired me (from WHOO) for not following format, (at the direction of the assistant manager)...So I was off to Ft. Myers for 3 years where the little station paid more than stations in Orlando!. Then back to Orlando for 4 great years a WLOF.  I was so fortunate to have been at the right place at the right time. WLOF had an owner...John Rutledge, who for the most part said do what you want on the air, stay number one…and don’t get us sued!  Jim is credited with making WLOF the top 40 powerhouse it would become under the management of John Rutledge.  Jim would duplicate the sound and format and even air personalities names of KJR-AM in Seattle.  KJR was located on 950 in Seattle, just as WLOF was in Orlando.  For example Pat O'Day became Pat O'Day because there was a Pat O'Day jingle and Bill Vermillion became the "Weird Beard" for the same reason. 

Johnny Gee on WLOF  1964
courtesy of Dick Camnitz

Johnny Gee on WLOF  1966
courtesy of Dick Camnitz

Johnny Gee (Jim Ivey), Rock Robinson and Bill Vermillion
photo courtesy of Dick Camnitz

Recorded on November 27, 2015, at The Alfond Inn, Winter Park, FL
produced by Jason Ivey

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