Here's where you can listen to jingles, air checks and other sounds of Central Florida radio
            Thanks to Kris Earl Philips for the "buttons"

WGTO-AM 540   Cypress Gardens

Courtesy of Jim Malloy at Radio

Music 1

Dave Wright 

Dick Bennick Shout 


Solid Rock-Fast

Solid Rock-Slow

Sig 1

Sig 2

Sig 3

Solid Rock

Solid Rock

Rock Of Florida

Rock Of 
Florida 2

WFLF-AM 540  Pine Hills

Bottom of 
the Hour ID

ID 2

Bottom Hour News ID

Pat Campbell

Bud Hedinger Sounder

Bud Hedinger with
  Bob Nyles

Top Hour ID

Rozzie Franco



WDBO-AM 580  Orlando

Paul Harvey 

Newsradio 580

Bottom of 
the Hour ID
WDBO Newsradio 580 News Radio 580 Kirk Healy Promo

Tom McCarthy

Tom McCarthy 

Tom McCarthy

James Earl Jones

Tom McCarthy Tom McCarthy
Courtesy of  
Chris Trenkmann
courtesy of 
Pete Simonson

WDBO Plays Favorites  

News Radio 580

Mid-day Sounder Jim Turner  
Monday Promo
News Promo The Great 58

Tom McCarthy
courtesy of 
Pete Simonson

courtesy of  
Mike Murillo

News Promo 

Officer Jim Bishop Bill Gephart Democratic 
Republican Witch Trials Pete Simonson

Tom McCarthy
courtesy of 
Pete Simonson

Dean and Mack Report
Ed Dean
& Brent Mack 
Gerald Lostutter 
 Producer and Writer

Tom Blair

Wayne Trout

Jack Boston
Accuweather Meteorologist

Jim Turner & 
Jimmy Dean
Jeff Slater 
Wayne Trout and  
Jim Turner

courtesy of  
Mike Murillo


Eric Brown  
in the traffic plane

 Earl Finkle Col. Richard Bouchard Sal Tee Intro 1990's ID Number One Memories

Courtesy of 
Mike Murillo

ABC Network Special World's Greatest 58 Jim Turner Shout The Way Orlando Lives Traffic Liner News and Weather Station
Paul Harvey
(60 mins.)
Courtesy of Mike Murillo


voiced by 
Tom McCarthy
 Courtesy of ABC, WDBO and 
Mike Murillo
WKIS-AM 740  Orlando

Steve Mitchell
Courtesy of
 Steve Schiffman

  Jim Boynton  
in the production room 

Bill Bauman
trying to phone in two news stories-1972
"The Weird Beard" 
Bill Vermillion
  Larry Shannon 
and Larry King

Rated PG

with Guests
 Shari Lewis 
Kirby "Sky King" Grant

Courtesy of 
Pete Simonson

WKIS Happy Days Weekend -1983
Courtesy of
 Bob Padilla

Larry Shannon and Larry (Bessler) King

Larry King, Larry Shannon, Wayne Trout, Gene Burns

Doris Ashwell, Larry Shannon (Roberts) and Larry King (Bessler) on the WKIS mid-day show 

Gene Burns Larry Kahn

Wayne Trout 
on George W. Bush

Richard King,
Tom Marshall
, Russ Wheeler

Courtesy of  
Pete Simonson


courtesy of 
Tim Steward

Via Ray Slaton
WWNZ-AM 740   Orlando
Gina Jordan, Joe Cruz 1989
courtesy of Tim Steward
WLBE-AM 790  Leesburg
All American Talk Radio Central Florida Music Uncle Russie's Doo Wop Shoppe Bob Andrews
WEUS-AM 810  Orlando
Big 810 AM Legal ID  2006 Big 810 AM Legal ID  2010 Central Florida's Powerhouse
WKKO-AM 860  
Fred King Jay Kuppers KO 860, 860 KO, That's Our Middle Name Merry 
courtesy of 
Tim Steward

Via Ray Slaton
courtesy of 
John Harper
WMEL-AM 1300
More Music 
More Music 
Power 860
No Matter Where You Go Number One Playback Song Power Music Top Hour ID

1960's PAMS courtesy of Dave Edwards
Fun Tom Tyler, Fun Bob Clayton 

Steve Canyon Shout

Clark Ray Shout

The Sound Of The Town

courtesy of 
Dennis Snyder
Magic Missile Land The Fun Capitol Of The Moon Port City Fun Vibrations Fun Latin Style Florida's Big One

courtesy of 
Dennis Snyder

1960's PAMS courtesy of Dave Edwards

Top Hour ID

Judge Loopy S.O.B. 


Elvis& Elvira In Space

Immigration Idol  

Immigration Idol
Mason Dixon Line

Twilight Zone
Mexican Justice

Star Trek Spock vs. Rocky

Satire written and produced by Gerald Lostutter. Featuring the comic voices of Dave Jones

WLOF-AM 950  Orlando

Pat O'Day bell, buzzer, boing, beep beep WLOF Sign Off Theme Orlando Speedway Spot  Bob Keith News Close Meteor Promo
courtesy of Dennis Snyder

courtesy of 
Steve Schiffman

courtesy of
 Dick Camnitz
courtesy of Dennis Winslow 

Johnny Gee 

Mark Sebastian
Sean King Dick Shane 1969 Wolfman Jack Promo for Dick Shane  Transmitter Pattern Change
courtesy of Dick Camnitz 1974 Courtesy of
Dale Heatherington 
courtesy of Dick Camnitz courtesy of 
Dennis Snyder
The Janitor  Buddy Pittman Shout "Sir" Arthur Knight  and Gabe Burton 1968  Pat O'Day More Pat O'Day Even More Pat O'Day
Wayne Trout Resigns Sir Arthur Knight Steve Rutledge Bill Vermillion Shout "Happiness Is Bill Vermillion"  Weird Beard 
Showtime 1

Live on the air! 1974 courtesy of Dennis Snyder
Weird Beard 
Showtime 2
"It's Bill Vermillion doin' his thing" DJ Bandit Game Alan Dean "Superdude" PAMS 18-2 Weird Beard 
Showtime 2
courtesy of 
Dale Heatherington
courtesy of 
A.D. Whitehurst
courtesy of 
Dennis Snyder

In The Whole Wide World

Going Places ...Winning Races

Orlando's Home of the Hits

Double Play

Channel 95

The Rock of Orlando

Your Friend In Orlando

WLOF Channel 95 Orlando

Jingles Courtesy of
Dennis Snyder

WDVH-AM 980 Gainesville
  Thanks to Bill Watson for these Pams 

  Weather Word

  Bud Blackwood Shout

       Dave Derry

Gary Harmon Shout Mark Fowler 
Ray Ryan 



Rick Morton 

Steve Sullivan Shout

     Sports Shout

Fun Vibrations Gatorland Great 98,
great 98

WHOO-AM 990  Orlando


Jim Ivey 

Terry Wood jingle


Dick Shannon 1966

FHP Sgt 
Jim Humphries

courtesy of 
Dick Camnitz

Billy Love Shout

Country ID

   WAMT-AM 1060 Titusville

The FBI Sex Files 

The Waffle House

Political Satire Courtesy of 
Gerald Lostutter

WNDB-AM 1150  
Daytona Beach

  Top Hour 


  News Director
Mark Williams

Wake Up 
Daytona Open

       Marc Bernier Show

Weekend Around The House

Thanksgiving News Open

 News Open 1

Christmas News Open 2

Christmas News Open 3

Christmas News Open 4

The Holiday News Sounders

Voiced by Bill Lowe from WHAM-AM1180

Courtesy of Mark Williams

Leslie Taylor News Director 2011

Leslie Taylor & Dave Laing "Morning Drive"

WHHL-AM 1190  
Pine Castle/Sky Lake

More Music Top Hour ID Sal Tee Intro Uncle Russie Bill Clifford Memories of the Good Times
Courtesy of 
Steve West
Courtesy of 
Steve West

1980  Courtesy of 
Steve West

1980  Courtesy of 
Steve West
Courtesy of 
Steve West
WAMT-AM 1190  Pine Castle/Sky Lake
Bobbie DePew Top Hour ID

WOTS-AM 1220  Kissimmee

Drew  Durigan 1996
courtesy of Drew Durigan
WSBB-AM 1230  New Smyrna Beach
News Lead

Just For You


Marc Monteson Promo Top Hour ID


WLCO-AM 1240  Eustis
 ...Fills The Good Life With Music Good Life Radio If It's Going On... Sports Shout WLCO Remembers When The Fun Is Rising
Good Life In 
Lake County
Winner! Shout WLCO, 12-4-0 The Good Life Good Life Radio 1240 In Eustis WOCL, Twelve Forty Dennis Wilson (Snyder)1973
courtesy of Dennis Snyder
   WHIY-AM 1270 Eatonville
Jack Gardener 1963
Courtesy of Tim Warden

WRKT-AM 1300  Cocoa Beach

The Big 13

Top Hour ID

Nothin' But Rock & Roll WRKT Drop In Super Rock RKT
courtesy of 
Dave Edwards

  WTIR-AM 1300  Cocoa Beach

               Top Hour ID
                    Courtesy of Paul Walker

WROD-AM 1340  Daytona Beach

A Great Place To Be

 Daytona's Home Town Station

The Feeling's All Around

America's Best Music All Afternoon Dave Shulz 
At Home Or In Your Car
Gary Clarkson

     Len Younger

Diane Pryor 1979 Rob Thomas 1981 Cadillac Jack Stevens 
Courtesy of 
Tim Warden
WEZY-AM 1350   Cocoa Beach
Dave Edwards-1976
WWKE-AM 1370  Ocala
Underwater Hot Rod Hot Rod 2 137 WWKE ID Hotline Of Hits

Positive Charge

Fastest Thing In The Air  Golden Flashback Gary Harmon Shout Music Bed Jets

Live In Ocala

Sports In Action Good Morning Surf It's A Blast Up To The Minute News Where The Action Is
Weekend Music Bed Swingin' In The Sunshine State  TGIF That's The Weather
WDAT-AM 1380  Daytona Beach
 WDAT Compilation
courtesy of Tim Steward Via Ray Slaton
WELE-AM 1380  Ormond Beach
Natalie Emerson host of "Nat Chat" is interviewed by NPR's Renee Montagne 2003 Top Hour ID Big Talk with 
Big John open
Big John Prayer
Pj and Friends ID Goliath Radio TOH ID 1

courtesy of 
Tim Steward

Goliath Radio Top Hour ID 2 Dwight Howard Magic Promo Computer World Opening
WRHB-AM 1410  Leesburg
Top Hour ID

WBJW-AM 1440  Winter Park

  Steve Mitchell (Schiffman)

Steve Mitchell (Schiffman)-1973  Files Courtesy 
Steve Schiffman

Steve Mitchell (Schiffman)-1973

Steve Mitchell
Steve Mitchell 

1973  "1440 The Entertainer"
WMFJ-AM 1450   Daytona Beach
Gerry Peterson Kris Earl Phillips

Chris Dana

Bulldog Hesters

Dave Randall

1969 1970

courtesy of 
Tim Steward

     Via Ray Slaton

WMFJ-AM 1450 Jingles
courtesy of Kris Earl Phillips


1450 Fun

Choo-Choo Fun Vibrations WMFJ Fun Fun Capital


Bubbling Over

Daytona Weather Fun 2 Accapella Just For Fun Suntanned Girls



The Love of Daytona Surfin' Fun WMFJ Fun 1450 WMFJ  Fun-Golden Oldie

1450,1450,1450 Fun-More Music Just For Fun 2 Big Papa
Courtesy of Bruce Bower
Electric Prunes Promo Vo-De-O-Do 5 DJs WMFJ dial 1450 Dave Randall Promo WMFJ News Open
WMFJ Cheer Let's go Rehearse WMFJ 1450 #1 WMFJ 1450 #2 WMFJ 1450 #3 Golden
WJBS-AM 1490  Deland

Brent Alberts 1969  
Courtesy of Dave Alberts
WWBC-AM 1510 Cocoa
   Top Hour ID
Courtesy of Paul Walker
WHIM-AM 1520  Apopka
When You Need To Know  The Biz Wake Up With Doug K Promo  Top of the Hour ID Tell Everybody!




New Kind of Radio Station  
WNZF-AM 1550 Bunnell
Top Hour ID   Ron Charles

WTWB-AM 1570 Auburndale
Top Hour ID

WTIR-AM 1680 Winter Garden

Dave Westerman, Russ Ross & 
Steve Homan
Dave Westerman and 
Chuck Thornton

Courtesy of  Chuck Thornton

WKTO-FM 88.9 Edgewater
  Top Hour ID
WLAZ-FM 89.1  Kissimmee
    Top Hour ID
     WFEZ-FM 92.1 Williston
       Frank Stevens 
Frank J. Vela, Jr.)    Frank J. Vela, Jr.)    Frank J. Vela, Jr.)   

WWKA-FM 92.3 Orlando

Compilation Ron Bison Morning Show  

Ron Bison,
Gina Jordan
Bob Nyles

Ron Bison 
Morning Show
Ron Bison Morning Show Top Hour ID


  Files Courtesy of  Tim Steward  2-24-98 Tornado Coverage Gina's Birthday Courtesy of 
Tyson Conrady
Doc's first show on K92FM Doc, Grace & Henry Hayes
9-10-07 11-01-07

WKRO-FM 93.1 Edgewater

  Top Hour ID

WMMZ-FM 93.7 Ocala

Chuck Britton 1991  

Frank Stevens 

Courtesy of 
Drew Durigan

Courtesy of 
Frank Vela, Jr. 

WWLV-FM 94.5  Daytona Beach

"Continuous Soft Hits" Top Hour ID Bottom Hour ID "Lights Out Orlando"

WCFB-FM 94.5  Daytona Beach
"Young Country" 

Legal ID Young Country Top Hour ID
   WWGO-FM 95.5 Silver Springs
Jim Zippo 1991 ID
WHOG-FM 95.7 Daytona Beach
Top Hour ID Tim's "Run For The Roses"
Courtesy of
 Tim Steward
WHTQ-FM 96.5  Orlando
ID Announcement 2-18-11 96 @ 5 96 @ 5 ID 2 Home of Orlando's Best Rock WHTQ Farewell 
Fleetwood Gruver
WHTQ Simulcasts WDBO

Courtesy of Peter Szymczk

WDBO-FM 96.5  Orlando

News Matters ...From Jacksonville to Tampa The Most Important Station Information On Demand Set Your Presets Top Hour ID
WKTK-FM 98.5   Crystal River
Legal ID Tony Downes 1990 Top Hour ID
Courtesy of   
Drew Durigan
Courtesy of   
Tony Downes
WSBH-FM 98.5   Satellite Beach
ID Montage

WNFI / WFKS-FM 99.9 Palatka
Top Hour ID Format Change 1993 Kelley Wright ID Non Stop Music
Courtesy of  
Tim Steward
Courtesy of Drew Durigan
WDIZ-FM 100.3   Orlando
Jim Steel  1982 WDIZ Weekend Promo 

Crash On WDIZ Crash & Fish 1990 WDIZ Flips to WSHE 




courtesy of 
Dick Camnitz


Courtesy of Tim Steward
WCKS-FM 101.1   Cocoa Beach
Gabe Burton
courtesy of 
Dick Camnitz

WSTF-FM 101.1  Cocoa Beach

Top Hour ID

You're The Most Important One

The Station You Are Building

Top Hour ID 2

Your Picks For '86

Building Your Favorite Radio Station

Courtesy of John Yanagi

Top Hour ID 3 Papermint Contest Promo 50 Minutes Of The Best Variety Bob Gabriel 
1989 Aircheck
Keith Fairbanks 1990

WJRR-FM 101.1  Cocoa Beach

"The Rock" at Universal Pat Lynch, Taco Bob & Launa Kato Top Hour ID Mark Samansky, Larry the Cable Guy & Gloria Buckethead Says Goodbye




Courtesy of Tim Steward Courtesy of WJRR

2009 ID

Courtesy of 
Tyson Conrady

WDVH-FM 101.7 Trenton

Top Hour ID

WPLL-FM 101.7  Trenton

Positive Hits For Dixie County

The New Pulse 101.7

Welcome To Positive Hit Music

Top Hour ID

Playing Positive Hits for The Tri-counties

Positive Hits For Levy County
WHKR-FM 102.7 Rockledge
Top Hour ID
WLOQ-FM 103.1  Winter Park
The End Of An Era
All Day, Everyday Central Florida's Finest With Studios in the Langford Hotel A Musical Massage Smooth Jazz  After Hours
Patricia James
A Beautiful Sound...
Carl Glicken Editorial Home Security Top Hour ID WLOQ News June 1973 The Quality Sound of Stereophonic Music Mid Florida's Quality Stereo Station
WLOQ Sound Files Courtesy of Dennis Snyder
WHKQ-FM 103.1  Windermere
Flip from Elvis 103.1 to KQ103
Courtesy of Format

WRUF-FM 103.7 Gainesville

Courtesy of 
Drew Durigan

Flip from Rock to Country
Courtesy of 

WRKT-FM 104.1  Cocoa Beach

PAMS WRKT The Big 13 Top Hour ID Nothin' But Rock & Roll WRKT Drop In Super Rock RKT
courtesy of 
Dave Edwards

WTKS-FM 104.1  Cocoa Beach

Guy Kemp Promo Bill Cross Guy Kemp takes on Jim Philips Robert Milford III Jim Philips Promo  Ed Tyll 



 Courtesy of Tim Steward
Ed Tyll Interview Jim Philips & 
Ms B
Real Radio Sounder Try the Coke and Party with Us Call Guy Now WTKS Promo

Monsters in the Morning 4-10-08 8-19-93 Courtesy of Tim Steward Courtesy of
 Ellis Feaster
WIFL-FM 104.3  Inglis 
Goodbye Wow 104.3

Noon Teaser

WOW Becomes Frank 104.3  3-27-08

Courtesy of 
Marc Tyll

WYKE-FM 104.3  Inglis

Fox Sports Promo 2011

WBJW-FM 105.1  Orlando

Breakfast Bunch

"Always Imitated..." 
from "The Breakfast Bunch"

Top of the hour ID

      The Most Music

Tracy Young The Breakfast Bunch 
Aug 17 1988


Alan Specter & Bill Cross  Courtesy of 
Clive Hayward
WBJW-FM 105.1 March 1986 WBJW-FM 105.1 Summer 1987 BJ105 Breakfast Bunch Oct 1987 Larry Jackson
Oct. 1987

 Summer 1989 John Summers
Jan 1989

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