WWKA-FM 92.3

Original Call Letters: WDBO

Originally Licensed: Apr 24, 1949 

Original City of  License: Orlando

Original Frequency: 92.3 

Origin of Call Letters:  

Original Power: 34,000 watts

Original Location: 30 S. Ivanhoe Blvd. E. 

Original Format: Country

Network Affiliation(s):


52-Orlando Broadcasting Co., Inc.
1957-Cherry Broadcasting Station of Providence, Rhode Island
1963-The Outlet Company
1982-Katz Broadcasting  (Purchased WDBO AM/FM for $9.5 million)
1986-New City Communications
1997-Cox Radio Inc.

History Of Call Letters and Formats:

WDBO-1952-Beautiful Music
WWKA-1983-Country   "K92FM"
WWKA History
See WDBO-FM 92.3 

2015-The Academy of Country Music (ACM) has named Cox Media Group’s (CMG) Orlando’s K92.3 FM (WWKA) as its 2015 Large Market Station of the Year.  This was the first time in its 33-year history that the station was nominated for this award. 

WWKA Personalities

Tom Haley-1977-1993-7PM-Midnight-The Outlet Company/Katz Broadcasting

Tom Blair-1982-News-Katz Broadcasting-Katz Broadcasting  In Memory

 Here's Tom at WDBO-AM 580

Kevin Ray (Kevin Clevenger)-1983-1991-Music Director/Original Mid-days-Katz Broadcasting  

Bill Barber K92 12-82.jpg (25468 bytes)

Bill Barber-1982-1993-PM drive-Katz Broadcasting/New City Communications/Guy Gannett Broadcasting 


photo courtesy of Dave Edwards

Joe West-1982-1989-Katz Broadcasting/New City Communications/Guy Gannett Broadcasting

Ron Bisson-1981-2002-Mornings-Katz Broadcasting/New City Communications/Guy Gannett Broadcasting/Cox Radio Inc.

   Ron Bisson, Gina Jordan and Bob Nyles on the Morning show Courtesy of Tim Steward

Gary Anstaett-1983-1995-Katz Broadcasting/New City Communications/Guy Gannett Broadcasting

Big Red-1984-1994-Katz Broadcasting/New City Communications/Guy Gannett Broadcasting

June Myers-1985-1992-Katz Broadcasting/New City Communications/Guy Gannett Broadcasting Biography

Gary Mandeno-News-1991-Cox Broadcasting

Dave Edwards
-1992-1996-Guy Gannett Broadcasting Biography

Shadow (Rod Grant)-1992-2012-Music Director/Assistant Program Director/ Mid-days-Guy Gannett Broadcasting/Cox Radio Inc.

Bobby Mitchell-1992-Overnights-Guy Gannett Broadcasting/Cox Radio Inc.

Bob Nyles-1993-2003-Guy Gannett Broadcasting/Cox Radio Inc. Biography
Leigh Kash-1994-1995-Joined Ron Bisson on the morning show-Cox Radio Inc. 
Connie Willis-1994-1999-Mid days-Guy Gannett Broadcasting/Cox Radio Inc. 

Cody McCoy-1995-1997
-7pm-Midnight-Guy Gannett Broadcasting

Scotty the Intern (Scott F.)-1996-1998-Midnight-Guy Gannett Broadcasting

Deb Dockery-1999-Mid days-Cox Radio Inc.   

Ellis B. Feaster-2000-Afternoon Drive/2005-2007-Mornings-Cox Radio Inc.  Biography 

2007-Ellis is let go from WWKA 


Tyler McKenzie
-2000-1PM-3PM-Cox Radio Inc. Biography

Amy Allen-2000-Morning News-Cox Radio Inc.  

Bo Matthews-2002-Mornings/Afternoon Drive-Cox Radio Inc.                                           

Melissa Moore-2002-2007-Mornings-Cox Radio Inc.
 2007-Moore is let go from WWKA

Skid (Mark Hlavin)-2003-2012-Co-Host/Executive Producer Morning Show/2010-Co-Host Mornings with Grace-Cox Radio Inc. 

Doc Holliday
(Jeff Duncan)-2007-2010-Mornings with Grace-Cox Radio Inc.  
   Doc's debut at WWKA

Aug 2010-Doc is taken off the air 

Grace (Vasquez)-2007-Mornings with Doc/2010-Mornings with Skid/2012-2013-Afternoons-Cox Radio Inc.  

AJ Maguire-2012-Morning co-host with Grace/2012 (Mar 15)-Morning co-host with  Ashley Figueroa "AJ and Ashley"-Cox Radio Inc.  

Ashley Figueroa-2012-2014-Morning co-host with AJ Maguire "AJ and Ashley"-Cox Radio Inc.  

AJ and Ashley 2012

AJ and Ashley 2013

Steve Shaw-2012-Sat-10AM-3PM/Sun-11AM-3PM-Cox Radio Inc. 

J.R. Schumann-2012-2014-Program Director/Music Director/Afternoons-Cox Media Group

Jason (Gellhause)-2012-Cox Media Group

Dakota (Ashley Stegbauer)-2012-7PM-Midnight/2013-Mid-days/2014-Mornings (as Ashley) with
AJ Maguire/2016-Music Director-Cox Media Group

Drew (Bland) (aka Bo Hunter)-2014-Director of Branding/Program Director/3PM-7PM/10AM-2PM/Music Director-Cox Media Group

J.R. (Jaus)-2014-2016-2PM-7PM-Cox Media Group

John-2014-7PM-Midnight-Cox Media Group

Nicole-Weekends-Cox Media Group
Wanda Miles-7pm-Midnight
Dave Lopez-Overnights/Traffic                                                                                      


Billy Luby (Frank the Janitor)-Member of Morning Crew

Gina Jordan
-News Biography   

Scott St. John
Bob Green
Johnny Twinkles-Mornings-Cox Radio Inc. 
Johnny announced that he will leave radio to move to Branson, Missouri and fulfill his life-long dream of singing in front of an audience. His last day will be Friday, 6/24/10. 

Henry  Hays-Mornings                                                                      

Lois Weaver

Billy Combs

Lisa Young

Billy Michaels
Denise Michaels
Steve Warner
Alan Edwards-Clear Channel Total Traffic Network
Officer Mike Tylerand
Dave Matthews
Tommy Roberts
Mary Graham-Weekends

The K92 K-Krew






Other Names in WWKA History

Steve Holbrook
-1982-2012-Operations Manager/Program Director-Cox Radio Inc.

Jackie Rinker-1995-1997-Local Sales Manager-Cox Media 

Mike Moore-1995-1999-Program Director-Cox Radio Inc.

Gerry McCracken-2007-2011-Country Format Coordinator
-Cox Radio Inc.

Len Shackelford
-2000-2012-Program Director/Operations Manager Orlando Group-Cox Radio Inc.
Rob Babin-2002-2006-General Sales Manager-Cox Radio Inc.
Jeff Uryga-2005-Marketing/Promotions Director-Cox Radio Inc.

Susan Larkin-2006-Vice President/General Manager/2010-Vice President/Market Manager for Cox's 6 station cluster

Stevie DeMann-2012-Operations Manager-Cox Media Group

Jeff Garrison-2013-Country Radio Format Leader-Cox Media Group

Evelyn Pacheco-2016-Director of Sales-Cox Media Group
Mike James-Marketing/Promotions Director-Guy Gannett Broadcasting

(Robert) Bob Longwell-General Manager-Cox Radio Inc.

Richard Reis-General Manager-Cox Radio Inc.

Rich Reis-Vice President-Cox Radio Inc.

Bill Hendrich-General Manager-Cox Radio Inc.

Cyndi Landers-Promotions-Cox Radio Inc.

Kim Riggi-Promotions & Marketing Director-Cox Radio Inc.  

Steve Fluker-Director of Engineering-Cox Radio Inc.
Kimberly Hellstrom-Promotion Director-Cox Radio Inc.

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